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Tips for Choosing the Right University For You

tips to choose the best university

Choosing the right University – In Nigeria, there are at least 4 higher institutions in every state and a total of over 300 universities, Polytechnics, College of education, School of Health and Business schools altogether.

Making the right choice can be very difficult and as such demands a careful look look.

This is because many considerations impacts your choice such as Jamb or post UTME score, University reputations, study costs, choice of course and employment outcomes, not to to mention working out what you are really interested in doing and what your chances of success are.

Choosing the Right university (Institution)

Due to the above complexity, many students find themselves in the wrong courses. Some as a result of the school they opt for could not admitting  them to their desired course of study, others because they actually don’t have a good knowledge of what they are going for.



Now, with the rising cost of higher education, and the prospect that some students will end up frustrated in school due to lack of interest in the school and course of study, there is even more riding on the making good first decisions about university studies.

Are you sure you are ready for University Education?

If yes, congratulations!!!

To keep you ahead, Here is a complete guild on how to navigate Higher Education and get the most out of it.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the vast array of schools ( universities, polytechnics etc) and course options and decide the right school for you.

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Simple Tips to Help you make the best choice

1. Consider your interest:

Your number one guide in making this choice is your interests, your skills and what you like to do. So what you enjoy doing should be a major yardstick for your choice of school. This means that, schools that offer courses that align with your interest should be considered over schools close in terms of proximity.

Each of the following questions below is designed to help you understand your personal drivers and what you are most likely to succeed at and enjoy.

  • What are you really curious about?
  • Are there subjects that you could happily study all day?
  • What topics and activities energise you?
  • How do you want to make a difference in the world?
  • What do you want to contribute?
  • What are you good at and what do you want to get better at?

Taking some time to include a little self- reflection is a really important step that students often miss in the process of making a decision about what course to study. Make sure you factor this into your planning.

2. Think of the Location

Another factor that should influence your choice of school should be its location. You should check to know if the school is located in an environment favourable to your health. This is the most important for me.

The proximity of school to your home town should not be a concern, look into what accommodation options the universities offer as well as the local rental market (if you intend staying off campus).

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3. Tuition Matters

The costs of higher education are rising, and is becoming a more significant factor in students’ decisions about which school to go. Generally, in Nigeria Federal universities (schools) cost less then its counterparts.  You should look to join one of the federal institutions except if other factors places a restrain.

Factors like, choice of course, employment opportunities, reputation or even JAMB score can be a major restrain to getting into federal institutions. Where this is the case, you can look to other options.

4. Find out about Certificate Awarded

The certificate awarded by the school should be major consideration. Be sure to know if its a Degree awarding institution or Diploma – HND, OND etc. What this means is that, you can’t just be carried away by the closeness, cost, or courses the school offers, think of the certificate … if that is really what you want.

5. Campus Facilities

Facilities like, Accommodation, Medical services, library, transportation etc should also be included in your research. If the school is far from your home, you should consider schools with accommodation and working medical services.

6. Support services like guardian and counselling

Schools with working guardian and counselling services helps to improve students performances. They form a support system that could help students make better decisions and guide them on their career path.

7. School Reputation

Honestly, there are schools that are known for certain courses (specialty). For example, when it comes to aerospace and Aircraft engineering, you can only think of AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology). Also, A school that specialize only on a course (e.g a nursing school) will offer a better service than schools that offer clusters of courses.

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Talking about reputation, some are know for excellent services. This can also influence your choice.

8. JAMB Score

I felt like not adding this to the list, but then it is wot talking about. Your JAMB score forms the major determinant for the institution that can accept you. All school has their cut-of mark or score. So when making a your choice, be sure that you can score above their cut-off point.jamb best strategy

Although cut-off points varies with course of study but you can actually build a good score by following this JAMB success strategies. 

Finally, the above are basically some factors that should influence your choice of university to sign up to. You should find time to look through this factors as you prepare towards buying your JAMB form.

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