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Time Management Tips To Accelerate Productivity in School

time management tips for students

Time management tips for students.

Are you usually behind your schedules? Do you submit your assignment as at when due, are you able to accomplish every given task before deadline?

If your answers to the questions above is not a sound yes, then you are not a good time manager.

Here is our list of top 10 time management tips that can help you not only to manage your time effectively, but to boost your productivity exponentially.


Time Management Tips One – Create a daily To-Do List

The first thing to do is to create a daily plan for yourself. This list or plan will serve as a map for entire day.

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All you have to do is set out a time preferably the night before each day to set out a well planed to-do list of what you have to accomplish the next day.

Learn to write this plan down where you can see them. writing it down will make it more concrete and detailed that it sticks to your brain perfectly.


People loose their Day in the Night – Plan well


Time Management Tip Two: – Assign A Time Limit to each Task

It is not enough to write out every activity or task you want to accomplish. You also have to affix specific time frame for each task.

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This among every other thing will help you to avoid wasting much time on a particular task there by achieving very more.


Tip Three:- Use A Time Management Tool Or App

To organize your timing perfectly, you can use time management tools available for most devices. Most of this tools can automatically generates to-do lists, with priority actions for your immediate attention so that you can track your progress methodically.

Check out this List of Top Time Management Tools, am sure you will find one that suits your tasks.

You can also use calendars and alarms to set reminders if you can’t get this apps immediately.

Tip Four:- Learn to Avoid Distractions

whatever it is that distracts you will never allow you accomplish much each day. But your ability to say no to activities (even if they needful) will help you achieve more.

Another thing to note are distractions like, Notifications from your phone, Instant messages, phone ringing an so on. Truth is that these little sounds can easily distract us on give us another thing to think about.

Once your mind is shifted from the task at hand, it will take you so time to get back to that peak attention even if you did no pick the call or respond to the messages.

You can avoid this by simply putting your device in silence or turn it off when its time for action.


Tip Five:- Start Early

Procrastination is one of the killers of time. To avoid any more waste of time, start early.

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Target to be early, start tasks early, target to meet your deadline before time. Never procrastinate tasks until you left with no option but stress yourself to hard.


Time Management Tip Six :- Always Have Clock Around

As a matter of fact, you should have a clock where you can easily see it. Do not rely on the clock on your device, have a clock visibly placed before you. This will always tell you how much time you have left especially when you are engrossed in your work.


Tip Seven:- Prioritize your Life

The truth is, you can never finish all your task. Since you can’t finish everything before, you have to prioritize your activities and let go of the least important. or maybe schedule them for another time.

This you can do in when you are planing your to-do list. For more information on how to create and manage a standard To-do list Click Here.


Tip Eight:- Merge Similar Tasks

Another way to really be creative with your time management is to merge similar activities so you can work on them together.

For example, you can assign an allotted time to write all your assignments, report practicals etc. You can also merge activities like, calling your family with checking your mails and replying your instant messages.


 Tip Nine:- Delegate Task

Learn to delegate task that you know you may not have the time for. Tasks that can be better done by others and the ones that will eat up your entire time can be delegated to someone.

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The earlier you learn how to share tasks you can’t perform great in, the more productive you become at the ones you can do better.


Time Management Tips Ten:- Create Tolerance

Allow for free time between each tasks. Don’t choke yourself with to many task that you end up exhausting with achieving much.

Let there time for breaks, at least after 2 hours of active work. You should give yourself a 15 mins break.

This will not only allow to refresh but will also create a better atmosphere for the brain to function.

Finally, as a bonus. Here is the last tip that most highly productive scholars and business people have found rewarding.

Stewardship or Accountabilty

Here, you try to give account of every activity you have done for the day.

This should be done most at the end of the working hour. preferably before you start penning the to-do list for the next day.

Have a book where you enter the summary of your activity of the day, who you called, what you did, all task accomplished and people you meet. This will definitely boost your morale and get you every information needed to start the next day.

You can call it your Gratitude Note like Coach Omah C. always call it. Stating that this note give her reasons to be thankful of everyday.

Finally, Take advantage of all these time management tips to accelerate your productivity.

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