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The Beautiful Thing about Learning

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Here is the beautiful thing about learning – it keeps you growing.

Ever thought of something new before?

Am sure you have, and the excitement of coming to a new awareness must have blown your mind as it does to me each time am learning.

The Beautiful Thing about Learning

Learning is the greatest recipe for lifelong relevance, if you want to remain substantially useful and impactful; you have to keep learning. And the day you stop learning, you start dying.

Just as B. B. King said in his popular quote, the beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. Once you come to the knowledge of something, it remains with you and becomes path of you – It never leaves except you personally force it out of your system by unlearning them.

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Grow by learning

Food is major factor for body growth, and how healthy you feed determines how fast and healthy you grow. Knowledge is to the mind, what food is to the body; so, if you feed to keep growing your body and you learn to keep growing your mind. Here is my advice, don’t let a day pass by without you learning a new thing, just like you can’t let a day pass without having a great meal. Be committed to growing your mind daily with an understanding that whatever you learn remains with you, and the more you learn the more relevant you become.

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The good news is that, there are countless resources and opportunities to learn for as many that are willing to learn, and the internet have made it a lot easier than ever. The time you spend liking pictures that don’t add to your knowledge bank should be spent learning a new concept. Reading, observing, listening, and watching is the major ways to learn. Pick up books in your area of interest and read to gain insights, follow up on pages and individuals that motivates you, observing how to invest in their lives and emulate the same. Listen to educational podcasts, messages and contents that gets you popped up to your full potentials. Go watch some video lessons and be intentional with your learning process.

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In conclusion,

Give equal rating to learning and feeding. If you can be committed to growing your physical body, you should likewise be committed to growing your intellectual muscles. Remember, the beautiful thing about learning is that – nobody can take it away from you.  

Be an avid learner and be obsessed to putting every knowledge to use!

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