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Here is the page where you basically learn how to study

If you really want to be a successful student, you need to be crushing it both inside and outside of the classroom. What this means is that, you can’t be spending all your time reading handouts, textbooks, doing homework, or preparing for exams. There should be time for extra curricular activities. Isn’t that nice?

Here is the challenge!

Without an effective study strategy, most students will have to spend the greatest chunk of their time studying if they must succeed in school. This obviously is not the way forward.

Here is the good news;

The collection of articles and resources here will help you to understand how best to use your study time. More importantly, you’ll learn how to study effectively, using proven methods that will enable you to remember more information (and use it) while spending fewer hours actually studying.

Exam & Test Tips

How to Study – Effective Learning Tips

Building Skills Outside Class

Academic Success – Assignment, CAs & Research

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