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Student Productivity – 8 Productivity tips for Effective Study

Student Productivity

I like to share a little on student productivity. Having in mind that distractions are the major challenge for every student productive life.

With many readings to do, new assignments, social activities, after school religious and club activities, and the almighty social media taking up our students time each day; getting things done can be difficult.

Several things come to bare when it comes to increasing your productivity as a student. These is the essence of this post, an highlights of tips that can help you make the most efficient use of your time as a student and build career competency skills within your short time in school.

How to be a more productive student

Obviously, most of our distractions this days comes from social media and not having a good study plan. I really believe that once one can optimize their life in these two areas; productivity level will definitely increase by over 60%.

Below are 8 productivity tips drawn to fight 8 major productivity killers students face this days.

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Student Productivity Enemies to avoid

Here are highlights of some life threatening enemies of students productivity and the possible ways to fight them and gain back productive time.

1. Procrastination:

One of the enemies of productivity is procrastination, and it is easily feed by allowing tasks to overwhelm you. When you are overwhelmed by too many tasks or works to do (which most of the time is caused by piling up tasks and assignments). You naturally sink into procrastination because you may not know where to start; thus ruining your chances of getting started each time. The simple way to get over this, is to learn how to prioritize tasks before hand. This will help you know what to focus on per time.

You can use a daily planner to key in how you intend to tackle tasks as they unfold. Honestly, having a to-do list ad scheduling time for each task can help ease your stress level and boost your productivity a great deal. A daily planner is a most for every student productivity.

You can get one for free by simply putting your WhatsApp number in the comment box and clicking the subscribe button.

Lack of Study beaks:

The first challenge I faced when I was introduced to daily planning was in cramming to many tasks into my daily plans. AT first, it made sense to have my entire calendar filled back-to-back with tasks leaving little or no space for rest. This practically ruined my goal of staying productive, you should not do that.

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To get the most of your daily plans; don’t try to tackle too many things on a sitting. Its better when you break things up with little breaks between tasks to reduce frustration and increase efficiency.
I recommend at least 15 mins breaks after major tasks to clear your brain. This will not only give the brain the rest it needs, it will also help the brain better process and retain information – which of course is the essence of learning.

Distracted Study:

I often hear some student say they can study in any environment including loud and busy space. For me, studying in a busy and loud environment can never be effective; I also believe this is true for anybody that understand what it means to study effectively. What most students calls study is simply reading over their note; that is no study even at a basic level. Even though reading over notes or textbooks can be done anywhere, reading in a loud and busy environment will always retard assimilation.

Effective study requires focus, which can’t be found in a busy and loud environment. Thus, to increase your productivity as a student, you have to choose quiet and serene environment that enhance focus. Pro tip, rotating place and space can help your creativity.

Postponing Difficult Assignment:

It is almost a culture for student to push away difficult tasks. This is mainly because of the possible time and stress required in achieving difficult tasks. Yet, procrastinating on such tasks always leads to last-minute stress, frustration, and ultimately shallow outcomes.
On this note, student productivity can be increased by creating a plan of attack for larger and more difficult assignments or tasks like writing essays, term paper or project reports. As matter of fact, every student should cultivate the habit of working on larger, more complex tasks regularly. If possible start day with tasks that seem difficult when you have the most energy and then progress to other low activity task as the day unfold.

Digital Devices:

Although digital devices are becoming an essential part of our daily live and very useful for students; they form the king of all distractions students face this days including working adults. A swift shift of attention from a task to respond social media beddings for example drains productivity. Besides the time stealing ability of the various social media platforms that can hock someone for hours if care is not taking; digital devices have a way of distracting students from deep work. Each time you shift from a task at hand to check on your social media message, your focus is lost, and it takes more time to refocus on the task at hand. Social media is not the sole problem when it comes to devices; other things like games and interesting design apps can easily capture students attention and distract them from executing on their goals.
To be really productive as possible during work time, you need to limit your access to your device. But if your device is required for the task at hand, learn to put them in flight mode, and if it is necessary that you keep your internet on; endeavour to add blockers or turn off notifications so you won’t be tempted to respond to social media distractions, browse endlessly online or play mobile games.

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Daydreaming and over planning.

Another thing that sap students abilities to execute and be more productive is over planning. Students spend a lot of work time planning and daydreaming. Although it is a good idea to plan every task before executing on them, doing a lot of planning without taking actions will always hinder productivity.

Also, daydreaming takes away valuable work time, and most time can cause a student to drift into slumber. The longer you take planning and daydreaming the more effort it takes to refocus and complete tasks.
Learn to be self-disciplined and reduce mind wondering as much as possible. also spend the least time planning a browsing, you only need few information to get started, let your goal be in the doing (taking actions).

Group study.

I am a big benefactor of group studying. It helped me a lot as a student and of course so many students can testify of it benefits. But, one major disadvantage of group study is when too much socializing is involved. Reason being that; you can’t easily detect when group studying drifts from being an effective way of studying to a total waste of time.

While having someone to study and share idea with can be a great motivator for students, it can be a distraction too when they are frequently distracted by each other making task takes much longer to complete and compromising the quality study outcomes.

If you must work in or with a group, find a way of reminding yourselves to refocus whenever you get off task and be more concern about the progress you make during study time. If you are always distracted in a group study, it may be beneficial for you to study alone.

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Socializing is good, it is very essential for any student that want to get the most out of their college experience; yet they can be a major treat to student productivity. Worthy of note are extracurricular activities which forms that major source of socialization on campus. From sports, to clubs and most importantly religious activities. Of a truth a huge productive time are lost to extracurriculars. The most threatening of all is the one spent on religious activities.

It have been observed that a lot of students easily get stalk to religious activities and find it really difficult to curtail their involvements in such groups, as being absent can be traced to backsliding.

Getting hocked to religious and social activities easily breeds laziness especially when the tasks before us require serious mental strength. This is often because it becomes easier for student to prefer less mental demanding tasks like going for fellowships or club activities to more mental demanding task using social and spirituality development as a justifiable reason to avoid difficult task. This habit has way of encouraging procrastination and thus kill productivity.

The only solution to this is to discipline your involvement in extracurricular activities, hobbies and other time killing activities. Reduce your extracurriculars to the barest minimum and schedule your fun activities in such a way it doesn’t hinder or steal into your productive times.

Conclusion on Student Productivity

The above tips and strategies to improve student productivity are not difficult to adopt; neither are they the perfect or only way to remain productive as a student. Implementing them in your daily living will surely scale your productivity to an unbelievable height.

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