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Lasting Success – Where it comes from


Where does lasting success come from?

You might be asking.

I have studied a lot of successful people from different walks of life and I have observed that almost everyone of them achieved success following the same route. This route is exactly the basics of this post.

This post will be really brief as I don’t intend to delve in too deep to the concepts I am trying to explain. But trust me, You will get just the value you are expecting.

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Lasting Success

First I will like to explain what I meant by lasting success. By lasting success I mean – good success. Not the ones that get smoked out like a mirage in the face of least challenge of life.

I can as well call this kind of success sustainable achievement and results. In essence, lasting success is any success that doesn’t fade so easily.

Now, since we are clear on what lasting success connotes. Lets delve into how to come about lasting success.

Where Lasting Success Comes From

Very simple and plain, lasting success comes from deliberate efforts.

I always direct my posts to students because I am one, and my topmost desire is to see many more students becomes success and get returns for their investment of time and money into education.

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Now, putting success in the student context, one can quickly conclude that success will mean; passing an exam, graduating with a top grade or being featured as the best graduating student. Although, the above list is a good place to start, but success in life exceeds those listed. – success means different thing for different people.

(You should know what success means to you by now. If not, post your contact in the comment box to get a free one-on-one session with a clarity coach. 100% free).

Lasting Success for Students

In general, both in academics and life at large; every success is always anchored on deliberate actions. Deliberate acts of studying, deliberate acts of researching, deliberate act of questioning statuesque and overcoming challenges.

Let’s take business for example, every business person you see today that is successful followed series of deliberate and intentional actions to get to where they are. Everyday, they (the business owners) make (sometimes difficult) choices and intentionally follow through to get the results they desire. That is exactly how they can grow and remain in business.

As students, we must be ready to shoulder that responsibilities of taking deliberate actions if we really desire to see favourable results after all said and done. More so, as the difficulty of getting jobs after school are heightened by the ever increasing number of graduates every year and the continuous declining labour market to feature them.

Also, with the possibilities of starting a viable business being consistently threatened by existing big players and government policies. Every student are called to be more deliberate with their actions towards reaching their life goals.

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What then can students do?

I’d like to get your comments on what you think students should do to be better prepared for the future before I release my next post – The possible Actions students can deliberately take to get lasting results. And subsequently, how to maintain consistency to become and remain a success.

Till then, below is conclusion. But endeavor to post in the comment box what you think is the way forward. Your response will sure inform someone’s view.


Every success comes from deliberate actions. You can’t do things just when you feel like and expect to get good results.

Your actions must be consistent, deliberate, and mostly likely inconvenient. When you stick to it long enough, it will ultimately leads to lasting success.

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