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Insights for Scholars (IFS 01) – What is your Product?


My insights for scholars today is about developing the right product for the market.

The aim of education is pretty obvious – to bring awareness.

Today’s Insights For Scholars – IFS 01

Education as a system have one simple purpose – to bring you into an awareness of things you don’t know, so that knowing it will help make better decisions and take profitable actions.

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School can be seen as business, everyone venture into it to make profits. Either to build a skill to grow a business or to develop career capitals to meet a specific job role. Point is, there is always an expectation. Since school requires our investment of time, energy and money, one has to be deliberate with their approach towards getting rewards at the end of the day.

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Its Building a Product – That’s all

Personally, I believe the reason we go to school is to develop, build or come up with a product we can sell. That is to come up with a solution to a need in the market place. This product can be in two forms.

1. Physical goods or service

2. Human capital The formal can be likened to specific solutions to human needs that you can sell as items or services.

The later is the you as a person. Where you develop yourself into a product that someone can use or recommend to others. Here, you can be a product that employers sought after, or an on-demand individual that companies desire to consult to solve problems or engage to meet their company goals of solving society needs. I discussed this in details here

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The idea here is that, in school, you are either preparing yourself to be a product that employers sought after or you are preparing yourself create products people sought after.


Which product are you investing your resources to develop while in school? Which problem will you be able to solve when you graduate? Truth is, if you don’t have a ready product at the end of school, you have failed, which means no ROI. Think about this and comment below what problem you are ready to solve.

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