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Goal Setting – How To Set Goals & Achieve Them As a Student


What is Goal setting and how can I set goals for myself?

This question have been asked by lots of students, most especially those ones that are beginning to be more precise about their personal development and growth.

The topic – goal setting is not something you readily hear teachers talk about in schools. Neither can you find it in any academic curriculum except for some business schools. But it is very important for anyone that must get ahead in life.

On this post, i will try to bring to our notice some things to know about goal setting and how students can incorporate it into their life for maximum productivity.


First of all what is a goal?

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Definition Of Goal

A goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort, an aim or desired result. That is the essence for which you as a person have decided to take some action.


According to Wikipedia, A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve.

Now, you can see from the above definitions, that once you have an ambition (a future desire), some set of things, expectation or objective / aim that you want to achieve, then you already have a goal.

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Like I said concerning personal development , it can be as simple as washing, going to the market, making a certain amount or creating a to-do list or even getting an A / First class in school. Any task at all that you are set to accomplish, that for you can be a goal.

Just like we have in soccer, the aim is to get the ball into the net. Once the ball cross the line through to the back of the net, then it’s a “Goal”achieved.

Goal Setting – How To

Goal setting on the other side involves the whole process of defining a goal and developing an action plan to motivate and guide you towards achieving such goal(s).

What this means is that, your goal is what you want to achieve, while goal setting has to do with your plans and strategies, deliberate action steps that will land you at your desired future(expectation).

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Now, the question is, How do I set goals for myself?

Below are some things you should know about goal setting

1. You must have a goal.

You cannot proceed to goal setting when you don’t have one.

So the first thing to do is to figure out what you want to achieve in whatever area of your life.

One should have a clear cut understanding of his / her objective first before thinking of a plan for execution.

For example, as a student you should know your aim for coming to school, for studying a particular course before you can now start making plans as to how to achieve those goals and objectives.

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Why most people get frustrated in school or in whatever they find themselves doing is majorly because they don’t have a well defined aim for doing or taking those step in their life.

You have to be clear about everything you want, it must be a personal thing. Different from why every other person around are doing it.


2. Write it Out

The next thing is to write out your goals on paper once you are sure of the things you want.

Anything written down as a way of committing us to doing them (This works for most people). When it is not written down, it is more like a wish.

It is when you must have written it down that your subconscious mind takes it more serious and begin to suggest ways you can accomplish them.

Goals written down can be placed where you can easily see them or can be shown to close friends to enhance your commitment to sticking to them and thinking out ways to get them done.


3. Set out plans for achieving them

Here is where the major lies. The proper action towards accomplishing the goal.

Goals makes no sense if there is no comprehensive plan and strategies for making them a reality.

So, Now that you have the picture of where you are going and what you want to achieve. You have to sit back and think out an executable plan that you can work till you achieve your goal.

This plan should be carefully laid out so it doesn’t weary you. It should contain the specific objective, timing and the rewards there in. This is where setting a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goal comes in.

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Bigger goals are to subdivided into smaller and easy tasks that can be accomplished with in shorter periods.

For example goals like building a 2 million naira business between two years or graduating as the most resourceful scientist, engineer or manager should be properly sub divided into smaller goals you can achieve daily, weekly and monthly like;

  • The right books to read,
  • Interns and training to take,
  • Friends and mentors to keep and
  • Also daily routines to transit into habits etc.

Finally, the most important step towards goal setting discovering the scope of what you want. Once that is done you have little or problem again.

You may ask how then can someone execute the their step listed above. The easiest way to go about is to seek for guidance from experts on this field. Look for and associate yourself with good mentors, read books on goal setting and book sessions with your counselors in school.

You can also learn more on goal setting by following my subsequent post on goals and achieving long term goals.  Like our Facebook page, or use the subscription box in the side bar to request for our updates.

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