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Facebook Pix From 2014


Its 6 years already and am about to launch the Students Master Plan For Success, its amazing how time fly. In this picture, I was a complete newbie to the real world ( I thought I was cool though). Am the guy sitting.

It now looks very funny to me how I had hid myself in my cocoon all through even when I thought I was engaging real time with life.

The guy was a novice – complete dummy that only knew how to pass school exams with little or no clue as to how to solve life exams.

Anyways, enough of this “yabing” – it is me we are talking about here and this is supposed to be a memory Facebook is sharing with me, not to the world.

Maybe I should just continue…

Are you sure you are ready for University Education?

If yes, congratulations!!!

To keep you ahead, Here is a complete guild on how to navigate Higher Education and get the most out of it.

All the above have changed, but not until I made contacts with the right minds that have the right information… They had just what I needed to get ahead with life, They taught me how to ask the right questions, find answers to the right questions, and how to completely commit to get the right results.

Now its amazing how fast I have grown and accomplished, just in a matter of years.

Well, I will continue the story of my life next time. (Probably, when Facebook reminds me of them.) Am sure the will remind in ten years time that I published The Students Master Plan for Success.

Now to you Bro/Sis ( I mean you Undergraduate and intending students), you don’t have to wait until you graduate or complete NYSC to make the necessary SHIFTS in your life. It is easy to get carried away with a whole lot happening in school and in the society at large.

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You can be more precise with your life and progress.

All you have to do it;

  1. Ask the right questions

2. Answer the right questions

3. Get the right information, and

4. Be committed to the right course of action.

If you need help with any of those, feel free to comment below or send me a DM.


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