The idea behind this podcast is to explore everything students needs to make school really rewarding. On the Insights for scholars podcast, we share personal stories, concepts and ideas that will inspire and help more students get the most from their life.

Why Listen?

We are in the generation where the drive for education, especially tertiary education is gradually dimistfied. A time when the need for school is seriously demonised with trends like – school na scam, and the ulmighty Job scarcity.
Every student and intending students seem to be losing hope in the possibilities of great life after school. Is there still hope for graduates today? or we should also drop out and call bullshit on school – many might ask? …wait a munite.

Via this podcast, you are going to be getting all the insights you need to nevigate school, make it an amazing venture and ultimately live the life of your dream after school. From personal success stories, knowlegde hacks, concepts and productivity ideas to win in real life situation etc, all the tools to inspire you to welcome the future you desire.

Welcome to The Insights For Scholars Podcast with Obim Fidelz, where we explore everything that help student standout in the real world. Keep listening, stay motivated, and be Legendary!

Academic Success

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