myths of education

3 myths of Education you must avoid

3 myths of education you have to avoid is my way to debunk some crazy thoughts about education and bring you insights on how...
after school, what next?

After school, What next? – The way forward.

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5 Tips for Effective Study Time at home

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3 Things Successful Students do to succeed

Do you want to be exceptional at school? here are simple things successful students do to succeed in school. I don't know about you, but...

3 Ways to Stay Strong and Push through Hard Times in School

Life in school can be very exciting but often times it brings with it trials and tribulations. Most times these challenges are out of...
list of universities in kaduna

5 Ways to Fight Procrastination as a Student

Here are top 5 tips to fight procrastination as a student. This tips is exclusive for most African scholars especially those in the College....

JAMB Change of course and institution complete guide

This post will discuss how to do JAMB change of course or change of institution. It will be guide for those who want to...