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Benefits of Higher Education

Benefits of school

Be it a University, Polytechnic or College of Education – the benefits of Higher education can never be underestimated.

This is not just because of the lasting sense of accomplishment it brings after graduation, but also for the hope of a better life. __ maybe a well paid job.

The fact remains that;

Most people develop a negative attitude towards furthering their education. This mostly because of a failed system of education or because they feel there are no jobs to scout for after graduation.

Besides the above, Many young people attribute their unwillingness to continue their education to lack of money or sponsor and some that even make it to school, dropout for pursuit of real cash.

Are you sure you are ready for University Education?

If yes, congratulations!!!

To keep you ahead, Here is a complete guild on how to navigate Higher Education and get the most out of it.

Well, these are familiar challenges that most of us push through because we know higher education is important and needful.

And as such, Sofson has decided to encourage you to consider the opportunities in taking the bold step to further your education.

The Misconception of Higher Education

Now, it is no news that most people (Youths) in Nigeria and other African country sees school as scam. They perceive the system to be another business that the Government has set to raise revenues.

Many prides at the fact that most successful people in the world had limited or no higher education. Examples are Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg and even our own 2Face Idibia. And such, going to school is not the real deal.

More so, many successful athletes, music stars, celebrities and even politicians our young people look up to do not have, and neither encouraged higher education.

To worsen the whole situation comes the era of quick money – such as, internet frauds, gambling and sport bets (e.g BetNaija).

All the above can never be weighed along side the knowledge and personal development plus sense of responsibility that comes with going for a higher education or the benefits of university education.

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Benefits of schoolThe Main Purpose of Higher Education

There are countless reasons for education, many of which are neglected in our culture today. This mainly because our society that is supposed to build its development foundation on knowledge, hinge it on other platforms.

Below, we’ll look at some benefits of higher education to strengthen the fact that;

Higher education is not just about learning; it’s about the opportunity for further personal development as well.

Benefits of Higher Education In Nigeria

The importance of Higher education in Nigeria and in Africa. Sustained economic growth can only be achieved as skills are attained and utilized.

Creative innovations needed to compete in this our increasingly technological world can only be attained and enhanced in higher institutions like universities and Polytechnics.

Major leaps in businesses, medicals, communications and securities are results of countless researches made by students and graduates from higher institutions.

This is just to mention but a few.

Without anymore ado, lets delve in to the top 4 benefits of higher education. This points are mainly to strengthen the students zeal or interest to take Higher education knowledge more serious.

Top 4 Benefits of Higher Education

#One: Career Grounding

For those who already know the path they want to take in life, Higher education is the best place for career preparation.

It serve as a means for gaining the right skills, training and knowledge necessary to enter their desired profession.

You can only build you career in a field you have a good knowledge of, so going to school is just the best place to learn the ethics of whichever path your want to take in life.

Be it business, engineering, or any craft at all. If you must make waves in your chosen career path, then you must be a student of it – at least first degree.

Although most people don’t really know what they want in life.

Such people have the chance of better life if they opt for college degree rather than just be relegated in their ignorance.

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#Two: Personal Development

Aside being grounded in a particular career path, opting for higher learning contribute greatly to our personal development.

The following are some hand picked personal development benefits one stand to enjoy from successfully completing a higher education course.

  1. 1. Improved Thinking Skill: Higher education improves our reasoning. This fact can never be erased.

The ability to think and think well, think and ask relevant questions and also the ability to identify and solve problems comes handy with higher education programs.

Creative and innovative thinking are thought through assignment, calculations and researches posted to students during there course of study.

  1. 2. Enhanced Communication Skill (written and verbal): Everything in our universities and polytechnics etc are done either in writing or in speeches.

Students are made to write tests, present assignments in the form of presentations and speeches. These in turn, advances the students communication skill.

  1. 3.  Clarity of Purpose and Passion: spending years in school helps students to be more clear on what they are passionate about. They, in the course of their study easily discover their true calling and easily identify with them.

This can be exemplified in the life of most politicians that started pursuing their passion from school. Also most religious leaders found their standing while they were in higher institutions. This is to mention but a few of many businesses, art works, books, poet, mathematics and engineering innovations that started from the school environment.

  1. 4. Identification and maximizing of Potentials: The school system also help student to identify their areas of strength and weaknesses. Gift discovery is at its peak in the higher institution.

In fact, if you want to know what your truly capable of doing, try the higher institution. Fellow scholars will help extract every juice hidden inside of you.

Likes of AY the comedian and successful artists like Ada and Simi discovered and trained their talents from the school environment.

  1. 5. Sense of Accomplishment: Like stated earlier on this post, there is always this feeling and sense of accomplishment that comes with successful completion of higher education. It increase ones self esteem which is vital in achieving anything worth celebrating in life.
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#Three: Medium for Pursuit of Passion:

Another benefit of higher education is that it serves as a medium of pursuing your passion. You can easily know what a person is passionate about from his/her course of study in the higher institution.

With Higher education you easily find opportunities and contacts to help in the pursuit of passions. There you can find the best team to work with and also network with useful information and resources that will help you move faster your pursuit for excellence.

#Four: Networking:

This is the most important of all the benefits of Higher education to anybody that longs for it. It is only in the school that you can get the right network for free.

Just like in pursuing your passion, all the brain needed to accomplish any goal or project at all can be found in the university.

You have the opportunity to mingle with bigger minds, people that knows more than you do like your lecturers and professors, and also other inventors you can rob minds together to achieve individual goals.


Higher education is more than the next level in the learning process.

It is a critical component of human development as it provides not only the necessary skill needed to function in the labour market but also because it houses the training essential become hug player in any work of life.

Do you desire the capacity and skill to drive the economy of Africa, lead effective government, or important decisions that will shape the world and give it another form?

Then you can’t afford to miss these benefits of Higher education by not taking or completing your course in the higher institution. Share this post to your young ones, friends and children.

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