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After school, What next? – The way forward.

After school what next? Simple Steps to answer the Big Question

Are you in your final year with few months to graduation and your heart is already panting for your next move. Maybe you are already in the mid-life crisis where you have so many questions before you than you can answer.

Here is my quick guide on how to navigate the after school challenges and set your life on course.

The first thing to understand is that you are the one to figure things out, what to do next is a question you will have to answer for yourself. So if you have never being a thinker, now is the time to start. And I believe that is why we find it difficult to answer; we are not trained to think through and solve our problems. —Research shows that 64% of men are willing to receive an electric shock than to sit down 15mins by themselves thinking.(the stat for women is a little lower).

Don’t runaway from such questions

Secondly, don’t be scared or intimidated as to not having a plan. Not having a predefined plan is a good plan on its own, at least you have black slate to write on.

Are you sure you are ready for University Education?

If yes, congratulations!!!

To keep you ahead, Here is a complete guild on how to navigate Higher Education and get the most out of it.

After school comes the window of great opportunities. All you have to do is make a decision. This is exactly where the problem lies, the challenge of choosing between what we really want to do versus what we think we are supposed to do based on the pressure from the outside. If you can sought this, then you are good to go.

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When it comes to life purpose, here is my suggestion; See purpose as your deepest desire, whatever it is that you’ve always loved to that will really stretch your potentials, when done as a service of others then it is a purpose worth pursuing. Like someone rightly said, your passion is for you, but your purpose is for others. – Love whatever you’ve decided is your purpose, you don’t have to save the whole world to be on purpose.

The next challenge you will have to surmount is the rat race for achievements. Just like you compete in school for grade, you will likely want to compete with your friends for the best plan, goals, job, spouse, possessions etc. it is not necessary, this time you should be ready to face your lane – Farm for your farm, forget what your neighbour is planting. Their choice should motivate n strengthen you, not to demoralize and intimidate you. 

With the above said, here is my simple steps to answer the big question – After school what next?

Note this, everything boils down to studying.

1. Self-awareness

you and I know knowledge is power, self-knowledge is greater power. The more of yourself you know, the greater power you have to draw things to yourself. A quest to understand who you as against other people’s definition is a good place to start.  Who you are, what you are capable of, your strengths, your results, and chances. You know, an awareness of your true state and being.

2. Debunk your old paradigm

Do a deep soul search to correct your paradigm, work on your self-esteem, believe system. One of the things that will cripple you at this stage is your old paradigm and belief system of lack and insufficiency. (That believe that there is no enough jobs out there, so you have to hurry n struggle to get one, or the belief that you don’t the capacity to get one, school na scam and whatever).

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3. Set your course

Decide on what to do, make a deliberate choice of what to do and start the process. (We discussed journaling here some weeks ago) No matter what it is – be it getting a job, starting an enterprise, going for post graduates, learning a trade, travelling oversea – This must be an informed decision, it should be a personal thing based on enough information you now have from the steps above. Understand here that there is nothing you can’t get once you decide you want it. Don’t place a limit on your want, dream big and forget how long it will take you to get it – there is enough time.

4. Take steps

Take more Actions and Worry less, start investing your energy where it’s worth it. Recognize that your career have already started. If you want to start a mini business before applying for jobs, just start one, this is the time to learn those skill set you have been postponing, start a blog, start writing your books. Go and serve somebody, apply for the intern, job, grant, scholarships or join a movement. You won’t lose anything by taking steps towards your dream, what you start now will be five years old by 2025.

5. If you have not already, cling to a mentor

someone that have gone before you in your dream path. Let him/her offer some advice and push you. A mentor can help you get started on the path to success and help you build confident to try things. Make sure the person you choose to mentor you has your interest at heart and will motivate you to set and pursue your desires.

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Finally, school is easy, whatever you experienced in school is easy – out here is a bit hard, reality is not funny. The only way to win is to perform your highest risk behaviors, now is the time to try those things that scared you the most (mine was applying for job, even when I wanted a job badly). Take some risk and document the kind of person you will become. After school is a sweet journey to ride with joy, the risks you take in the next five years of your life will determine how joyful you will be when life (family) responsibilities kicks in.

After school what next? Post your thoughts below in the comment box.

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