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3 Ways to Stay Strong and Push through Hard Times in School

Life in school can be very exciting but often times it brings with it trials and tribulations. Most times these challenges are out of out control. Here is how to stay strong and push through hard times as a student.

Generally speaking, life is kinda hard, the fact that you are in school does not leave you exempted, rather it confirms this. Especially the fact that you will still have to painstakingly look for job after school. “Am really sorry about that”.

In-fact, schooling can really be frustrating particularly when we feel powerless in front of our troubles.

But the truth is, how we perceive these times is determines how successful we can be in school, and can ultimately dictate the quality of our lives. This i know because every event in life has its interpretation based on how we perceive the event – perception is the game.  So it is all about how you view hard times.


Perception is the way to Stay Strong

The power of perception can be used to your benefit i.e instead of concentrating on things that are not working or things that brought about hard times, focusing of what there is to gain from it can give us the strength to walk through those hard times . 

To help you think positively in the face of challenges in school and set you free from feeling stuck, here are three things to consider.

Simple Ways to Stay Strong and Push through Hard Times in School

to start with is…

One: See challenges as an opportunity to grow

Seeing challenging times (like waiting for Admission, struggling to clear carry over, lacking resources or skills to keep up in school.) as an opportunity to improve and grow will give you a sense of happiness and freedom because you are in charge, as opposed to just accepting life.

The mind-set of just accepting every event that happen and telling yourself you can’t do anything about the situation is giving away your power. – This is never an option.

But when you focus on discovering what is in it for you, you can think more clearly on solutions which is exactly what you want. – a way out.

It is fine sometimes to feel sad, confused or maybe frustrated. Those are indications that you want more out of life. When this feelings come, recognize what you are feeling, but don’t feed it. If you do, it will grow.

Feed your mind more on the opportunities and lessons you will learn during the process. 

let me share a little from my experience.

My Experience Failing a Course in School 

I could remember my final year second semester result. It came out all good but with a ‘F’ in a programming course (C++). It was a challenging time for me, more because i never had such experience before.

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Well, i didn’t have to screw myself over, but rather focused on learning how to write a compelling letter to seek for the review of my result. With some help i was able to come up something that helped me out for that trouble.

In summary that experience taught me organizational structure and how to do corporate writing. .. i grew because i learnt to stay strong.  

Two: Think Solution

Most times, when we are faced with major challenges. We tend to focus our energy on the problem, why it happened, who caused it, etc.  Instead of trying to focus immediately on the solution.

You have to come out of that shell, no matter how little the problem is, be more concerned with finding the solution to it and do so as quickly as possible.

Remember what you focus more on, you attract. So rather than just focus and worry over the cause and future effect of the problem, concentrate of the way forward to resolving the challenge.


Three: Document How the Challenge improves your character

Every challenge comes with a lesson and with it comes a blessing. But it takes high level of sensitivity to figure them out. So when you face any hardship if school, look to discover what you were tested for? Is it you patience, empathy, anger, understanding, endurance, commitment or diligence.

Most challenges students face today comes from their laziness and procrastination. – see how to fight Procrastination

When you are confronted with any hardship, figure out the “you” that is been tested, look for ways to grow in such areas and start developing yourself. You will be amazed at the experiences you will gather and in no time you start using those experience to better other areas of your life and even help others grow.

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Finally, let me say this again. Your perception during the time of hardship matters a lot, having a calm and positive mindset will put you in a better place to scale through. Learn how to use your mind to your advantage.

Always ask yourself how can every hard time help you grow, what lessons and blessings are hidden in them, then focus on definite steps to stay strong and come out it.

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