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3 ways to Maximize Sleep Time to increase brain power [as a Student]


Have you ever thought of how to maximize sleep or your rest time as a student?

On this post I will be sharing some useful ways to maximize your sleep time towards becoming more productive in life and most importantly at school.

Becoming a first class graduate is one of the most stressful and yet the most desired vision almost every college students set for themselves while in school. It is stressful because it requires plenty hours of effective and productive work; but desiring because it brings distinction that in a way increase the chances of starting a glamorous creamy career after school.

Most students in an effort to come out with good grades have to work all days and still steal into their rest time at night in order to meet the set standards of their institution. Of a truth, if any student desire to be knowledgeable and deployable when they graduate they have to put in those long hours of efforts.

Students’ Need for Sleep

As a student, I loved the idea of studying at night and even pulling all nights; “TDB – till day break”, as we always call it, especially few weeks before exams. This undoubtedly is the only way I know I can cover up, even though it is not the best or most effective study habit one can deploy.

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To be really productive, our brain needs rest; lots of it, and so do our entire body systems. This is because the brain energy level reduces with time as it is engaged in serious tasks. In order to replenish those energy it needs a good time to rest. To get good rest therefore, we need to sleep and this I mean a considerable hours of sleep.

The question how is; how can one spare a considerable amount of time for rest and still be productive with all the time demanding school activities and with the vision of become a first class graduate.

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Note: First class graduate here is not limited to first class in terms of certification and GP. It indicate quality of being the most preferred when it comes to knowledge, skills and “deployability“.

How to Maximize Sleep Time for college Students

Below are three quick ways to maximize the time you have to sleep in other to have good rest towards improving your brain power.

1. Maximize Sleep Time through Task Management

The first tip to help you maximize your sleep time is through task management. I will explain this in a moment. But the main idea is; when you manage your tasks properly in the day time, you will have ample time to rest at night.

To explain task management, it is important I mention that as a student you have to be clear on all the tasks to be executed before you can even think of managing them. Thus, the first thing is to always make a list of things and tasks on your plate in a clear and precise format. See time management tips for accelerated learning.

This you can do with a weekly or daily planner, where you can capture each and every tasks that you need to accomplish just as they are unveiled. If you want a copy of my Personal Productivity Planner that I use daily to capture and manage my tasks appropriately; type in your WhatsApp number in the comment box below this post to get it for free.

Making the list of all tasks to be done is the first step to sparing yourself some time to rest. This is chiefly because, when you get tasks off your into a paper, it frees you the mental energy needed to keep records of the things you need to accomplish per time. With that your brain takes some rest and has more energy to focus on other things. Now to next tip.

2. Maximize Sleep time through Prioritizing

Making the list of what to do does not not automatically get it done. You can to take a step beyond making the list to assigning time of execution to those tasks.

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This step is easy with the help of a timetable, but I have observed that the only timetable students can stick to is the lecture timetable. Any other timetable get easily compromised just like new year resolutions.

One way to get yourself out of the mess of always compromising on your plans is to prioritize effectively. It involves simply rating the tasks correctly and only capturing the tasks you are sure you can accomplish on your to-do list. If this is correctly done, it becomes easier to effectively crush on every tasks on your list such that by evening, your mind is clear, your brain is free and you can comfortably have some healthy rest.

If you like to join my live section on how to Crush your daily task without procrastinating on any. Click on this link.

3. Prepare your body system to Maximize sleep time

In practice, to maximize your sleep time at night, you need to execute on as much as possible in the day time. Leaving nothing to keep you awake, or in a state of unrest; as it is majorly unaccomplished tasks and deadlines that make us restless and retarded. Now, lets talk about healthy rest – Sleep.

An average student sleeps for nine hours between 9pm – 6am; the serious ones sleep for seven hours between 10pm – 5am; while the unserious ones sleeps for ten hours or spend the most of the night time watching movies or scrolling through phones.

The idea of a healthy rest boils down to; one actually sleeping whenever you block out for sleeping and to get the most out of it. The aim is to rest your system and prepare them for a more productive work the following day.

Below is a short list of some activities to prepare your body for sound sleep.

  • Eat light
  • take deep rest; no alarms between sleep. If it is a six hours sleep, let it be a straight six hours rest.
  • Put lights out; darkness has a way of priming the mind to sleep
  • Switch off phone or put them on flight mode
  • Lay your bed
  • plant a sweet thought on your subconscious mind

I hope the list are all simple ad easy to accomplish. You post any question in the comment box.

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Final Tip to Maximize Sleep time and Increase Brain Power

Here is my final tip for those students that might want to put their study time at night. I recommend blocking your sleep time to be between 9/10pm and 4am pending on how long you want to sleep. If you wan to expand your sleep time, make between 8pm – 4am. Reason being that, it is very difficult to engage in a very productive task later in the evenings (7pm-10pm) except you have taken a good rest prior to that time.

Therefore, instead of pushing your study time to late at night, its better to have it in the early hours of the morning. Truth is, it might be difficult at first, but with a little discipline, your system will gradually shift into liking it.

The advantage of studying early in the morning before you set out for the days activity is amazing because your system will be at its peak performance at this time. The brain is fresh and your entire system ready to soak up as much as possible. Where as, the brain becomes fatigue late at night; in the morning it is full of energy and ready to work.


This post is targeted at upholding the relevance of rest and to point out how we can make the most of our sleep time when we actually want to sleep.

Truth be told, we all need rest. Irrespective of the tasks before us, deadlines to meet and lost time to recover. The importance of rest in the journey of being productive can never be overemphasized.

The first two tips is directed towards creating the time for rest, while the last focus on maximizing the time crated by the first two to actually and continuously take that rest towards increasing your brain power; which of cause is the aim of this post.

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