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3 Things Successful Students do to succeed

Do you want to be exceptional at school? here are simple things successful students do to succeed in school.

I don’t know about you, but every students i have met wants to succeed.

If not to be the top in their field, at least they want to graduate with a presentable GP, one they can use to get a job.

Generally, being a scholar is difficult and to succeed in any field of study at all – you must be a hardworking and dependable student.

How you study determines the quality of the results you will obtain. Thus, your ability to develop and maintain good habits for studying determines your grade and by extension the opportunities that will come your way.

Are you sure you are ready for University Education?

If yes, congratulations!!!

To keep you ahead, Here is a complete guild on how to navigate Higher Education and get the most out of it.

It will as well determine how much satisfaction you will get from everything you learn in school and provide you with useful skills that can be used in real life situations (labour market).

Unfortunately, most students are unfocused, unorganized, easily distracted and in all, make bad decisions when it comes to studying.

Even when they want to be a better scholar, it seems so far from possibility; and they just can’t do it without some guidance.

If you find yourself in this category of scholars, i have got your back.

Things Successful Students do Differently

To be a successful student, you must do what other successful students do.

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To begin with, these three words are the summary of how to meet that standard.

Focus, Concentration and Positive Mind Set.  

Let me break them down.


Focus here means to be single minded.

It demands that you have deep clarity of the intended goal, (either it is to solve a math problem or to summarize a book) and the steps involved in hitting the goal and then taking those steps.

Therefore, to join the successful scholars you must learn to continually adjust your activities and be sure you are working every moment on the most important task that aims at your goal.

Note this, successful students understands that the worst waste of time is doing something very well, that shouldn’t have to done at all.

Concentration – The Best of things successful students do

Pics from

Concentration simply means to stay with a task until you finish it.

I call this, the finishing skill.

It is your ability to remain on that assignment until you get it all done. To remain on that code, until you’ve got all bugs removed.

This is one thing successful students do, and it is an inevitable habit if you most join the top 10% in your field.

Here, you must be sure that everything you do is taking you in the direction of your set goals or it is helping you develop the skill to get there.

Understand that the benefits of concentration can never be overemphasized. When you concentrate and finish a task, it releases dopamine, that serves as a source of enthusiasm and self-esteem which ultimately propels you to do more.

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By now you should know that when tasks are partially completed, they cause stress.

Also, when you concentrate and finish a particular assignment for example, it gives you that feeling of confidence and competence. You feel like you now know more.

It shows likewise that you are disciplined and have self-control.

I did like to say this here,

Developing a finishing still is an essential part of character building, which will help you not only at school but also at work and in your relationships/family.

Positive Mind-Set

You must have heard this countless times.

One way to go about this skill is to always feed your subconscious mind with the picture of you completing your tasks and being focused like never before.

Playing the image of the joy that comes with being successful regularly to your mind long enough till it becomes part of your life is a great way to foster concentration and focus.

The more you paint those pictures, the more your subconscious self records it exactly as if it were happening for real.

It gradually adjust your words, actions and behavior so that they align with the pictures you create on the inside.

If you always think of yourself of being confident and accurate in your lines of code, your mind establish the same into your self-concept.

(i often tell people that, while i do well in mathematics is because i never imagined myself missing any step. – i just know am right).

The same way i imagine myself as performing great when solving my math problems, that is how rapidly it became my automatic behavior with other courses.

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I programmed myself for success just by feeding my mind with positive pictures, either from my past success or by simply creating an awesome successful and powerful image i love.

In conclusion, focus, concentration and feeding your mind with the right and successful images are major things successful students do that you probably have not been doing.

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