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3 myths of Education you must avoid

3 myths of education you have to avoid is my way to debunk some crazy thoughts about education and bring you insights on how to be more positive about your investments in education.

Below is the complete but short podcast you have to listen to if you care to make your tertiary education a rewarding venture.

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There are lots of things that looks very wrong about today’s education system, yet they not entirely wrong – they are simply misunderstood. So, on this post am going to focus on 3 major points or let me say myths of education that i feel you will find very interesting. Of course, you must have read or heard about them, but probably not in this fashion.

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3 myths of education to avoid

First on my list is a common misconception that is widely assumed to be true not just in Nigeria but in many countries around the world, yet it is the most ignored ideology even with its extensive hype. I call it the SNS or as it is popularly known “school na Scam”!.

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The number two, although a bit contrary to the number one but still misunderstood by so many parents and students it is that School is a gateway to getting a Job, becoming successful in life or fixing life issues. This my dear is awkward.

Then finally before I go into details on each point is the misconception that success is an outlier, something reserved for some special people.

Now the details, but I will start with number two which is

School, gateway to a successful living.

This is a big fallacy; education never equals success neither can it guarantee jobs in any way. I shared in my book of how we assumed education to be the key to greatness, we even sang it in songs and rejoice over the fact that once we can go through school and graduate, we automatically outgrow our problems because we will have access to  jobs and by extension enough more to fix all our problems.  This is a big flaw although it was true for my parents’ generation, when they don’t have to pay schools fees at UNIJOS and companies line up to lure them to their organizations.

Today, game have changed. Oboy, the highest school can over you is a platform to develop your potential in a particular field of choice and a certificate of appreciation for doing business with them. That is all. Thus, let me make this clear here. School is simply a means of developing yourself in a field you hope to build your career in, every other thing is but an addition which is not guaranteed.

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Now to the next myth;

School is scam

It is no news that most of our young people today have began to doubt the usefulness of education if can’t directly help them solve their money problems. Based on the first point I discussed, many people do see school as a sure bet for getting rich and fulfilment so when they can’t get this two immediately after school, even if it is their fault, they conclude that school is a total waste of time. This is coupled with the fact that there are lots of stories about successful people who either do not go through tertiary education or dropped out of school. When such stories are upheld by some lazy or fraudulent people who jilt people of their money, it seemly look real but it is still a myth – not true at all.

School is no scam; you just have to demand its right value from it. If you can figure out the purpose of school yourself, trust me it will be as rewarding as serving God.


success is for outliers – Myths of Education

Never think of success as something reserved for some people. It is open to everyone, if you press the right button at the right time, you sure be rewarded. Every success in life is a function of opportunities, hard work, time and ability. The good news is that they are very much available to everybody. Even the so-called successful people that did not complete their education had these factors to their favour. If you can learn how to bring these factors to agree with you, then you will enjoy as much pleasure as most rich children you admire their luck.

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Success is for everybody, educated or uneducated. Don’t ever think you are disadvantaged at any point, nor expect to suddenly become successful just because you went to school. Neither should you conclude that school is scam and can’t bring returns on your investment. When knowledge is properly organized and applied, success is guaranteed.

I trust you find something useful from these 3 myths of education, I enjoin you to take them to heart and not fall victim to their consequences. Remember to subscribe below if you have not done that. Comment your contributions and share with friends.

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