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21 Things I wish I did in School you should never ignore

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Things I wish I did in school as captured on my Facebook page.

Recently I started a series on Facebook talking about the things I wish I did as a college student, and how it has influence the outcomes of my life. – You should check it out here

Really, it is amazing how we always wished we had opportunities to go back in time, wishing we can change things and make good somethings we did wrong. Personally, I don’t think its necessary, because just as we are yet wishing we did better and created better opportunities for ourselves in the past, there are yet other things and opportunities passing us by (we can’t help it).

It is really funny that, just as we are yet making the statement – “if only I knew what I know now five years ago, I would have…” There are still hundreds of thing flying by in the moment that later in life, we will wish we had done them now in five years to come. That is just how life moves, so you just have to live in the moment, crushing it on anything you find interesting. We Move!!!

Things I wish I did in school – My School Life

Its going to be a 21 days challenge, so I think (things might change); I will be updating this post each time its updated on my Facebook page. @Insight4scholars Facebook Page. 

I for once do not entirely accept the phrase “school na scam, although I have, in many ways shared the consequences of the inadequacy and ineffectiveness of today’s school system, and its impacts on my life which can not be ignored or forgotten in an hurry. But then, I still believe I did not do enough while in school, I really do not maximize all that school provided for me. Thus, I should take the greater percentage of the blame to myself.

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Are you sure you are ready for University Education?

If yes, congratulations!!!

To keep you ahead, Here is a complete guild on how to navigate Higher Education and get the most out of it.

On this page are some basic things I wished I did while I was in school, which in a way had affected and influenced the outcomes of my life.

I am making this highlights so you can be sure to not make the same mistakes I made and so you can experience more while you are in school.

School is the best place to perform your highest risk behaviors towards the reaching life of your dream. If you can’t crush it in college, chances are; you can crush it elsewhere.

Obinna Fidelis

One – The prospect of the course I studied

The First Thing I wish I did when I was in school was to comprehend the prospects in the course I studied.

This might sound silly to those that understands the meaning of career and how to go about it. But as for my dear JAMBites – that don’t know jack about the course they have chosen, I guess they are nodding their head.

Often times the goal of most us (intending students) is to get into a university or its likes. The pressure from friends and the society won’t let us seat back and ponder on the choices we have to make. Worse comes to worse, we ask our elder ones which course they think is cool for us.

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2008 – Student Engineer

The above was actually my story, it was my sister’s idea that helped me as I choose Electrical Engineering (which was cool at that time), fast forward today; I wish I was well informed before i made that decision and had better understanding of electrical engineering before I even applied for it.

This is not the point am trying to pass here sha.

Here is my point, while studying Electrical Electronics Engineering for five years, I never took it as my duty to research the in and out of the course. I barely knew what to look out for after graduation and I never bordered to ask questions like:

  1. What are the necessary skills required to thrive in the real world as an electrical engineer?
  2. What is the future of electrical engineering as a course, and how can I start preparing for it?
  3. What job roles are available now in my field, and the possible job roles to emerge in the future.
  4. What niches are available to me as an electrical engineering student that I can explore to increase my chance of success after school.

I guess you have not been asking yourself this questions, they will not come out in your exams but the above and many more are questions I personally did not ask, and the answers would have made a lot difference in the outcome of my life in the now.

As an example, if I had simply googled the importance of C++ to electrical engineering when I was in school; maybe I would have spent more time learning how to code than I spent mastering all the topics in numerical methods. I know I would have preferred to have a “C” in the theory of instrumentation and more time in mastering MATLAB, if i was informed of how important using this tool was to outcome of my success in the field of engineering.

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Today, coding is the in thing; and I just realized I spent very little time improving my programming skill in school and more time cramming engineering formula just for exam sake. All this was because i did not research the prospects in my course, and taken time to ask the right questions.


Sister Newbie – never make the mistake of not researching the in and out of the course you are studying. An understanding of this can help know things you should invest more time into.

Watch out for the other 20 things I wish I in school…

I am rest assured that there are things am supposed to be doing now that am still not doing yet, which of course in five year time I will still go back to saying, if only I know what I will know in five years time now, life would have been better. I did like to hear from you in the comment box, what is that one thing you wish you had done five years ago, that you never did.

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  1. Am still coming up, that’s am just in my 2nd year in the university
    And with what I just read , now I know what to start doing so as to avoid” had I known” In the future.
    Thank you SOFSON
    By the way you look very handsome in that throw back picture

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