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10 Important Skills Every Student Should Develop

10 important skills

Here are the top ten important skills every student must develop before they graduate from school. These skills are vital both for job seekers, entrepreneurs and anybody that desire to keep up and succeed in today’s business world.

In this article are highlights of the possible ways to develop thess skills as a student in your day to day activities in school or at home.

 A lot have been said about the dissatisfactions and frustrations students face after graduation. This most of the time can be traced to lack of jobs or capital to start practicing what they have learnt in school, and by extension start making money from their crafts. But in real sense, not all graduate is actually stranded. Some as early as possible, have prepared and plan their lives in such a way that they are readily positioned for the opportunities to become successful after school. If we have more students that can adopt the same concept of pre-positioning their selves for the future that awaits them, then the rates of frustration and dissatisfactions among college graduates will be reduced.

Below are some important skills every student should develop; irrespective of their field of study, to increase their chances of winning after school. They are the summary of career readiness skill for every entry level jobs in any field. Also, they are required for anyone that want to start his or her own business.

Important Skills Students need before Graduation

1 Self-Education

Self-education boils down to your ability to be responsible for your growth and development in line with the changes happening every day. Every student must learn how to learn on their own, it is called Adaptive thinking. Ability to think and adapt to changes all by yourself. No matter what your professor have taught you, you still have to grow in your ability to educate your self and learn for yourself. Ability to learn new skills as they unfold, adapt to updates in technology, ability to thrive in changing economy and systems.

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How to develop self-education skill

Increase your exposure and always go for knowledge. Make it a duty to consistently learn basic things you find useful for your development. If for example you discover that you need to learn marketing skill, be responsible enough to look for ways to learn it. Talk to somebody, watch videos online, go take a class on it, read and expose yourself to information that will teach you that skill.

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2. Communication skill

This is the ability to communicate what’s on your mind effectively and correctly. This skill sounds simple but very difficult to develop but as a student you have to learn it. You have to right from school learn how to explain things in such a way that it can easily be understood, this is both in writing or verbal form. In fact, most student fail in school because they can’t clearly write their thoughts down or communicate it in they ways the lecturer wants it.

This skill is your bail out for writing business letters, CVs, project proposals, business plans etc. If you can’t communicate, you will find it difficult to get help – learn it now.

How to learn communication skill in school

Start by writing as much as you can and sending it out for people to read and give you honest feedback. Record yourself talking about topics you are interested in, listen to yourself and see how you can improve daily. Talk more when conversations are initiated and ask for feedback on your performance.

3. Collaboration skill:

I call this the anti-competition skill. School will not directly teach you this skill in class, in fact most classrooms foster a culture of competition and independence rather than team work and collaboration. In today’s world you have to quickly adapt to a culture of collaboration to get ahead in life. Interdependence is the new game, and you have to learn it. This game is what most distinction and first-class students (‘A’ students) don’t understand how to play and it is the reason they end up working for the ‘C’ students. This does not mean students should depend endlessly on people, what am saying is, learn to work with people.

How to learn collaborative skills

The only way to learn this is to join groups, volunteer to work with and for people no matter how little time can allow you. Don’t be idle when you can help some guys implement and execute on minor projects. Another way to learn this skill is form or join study groups, be active and entirely involved in it.

4. Critical Thinking and problem solving:

What the world need today are people that can solve problems, provide ideas and help improve on systems not lazy thinkers. If all you do is google stuffs without giving things a thought; my guy – there is no room for you in the real work environment. You should learn how to compare patterns and think analytically. find ways of defining problems and solving them, let google be the last option.

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How to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skill in school

You can start by always attempting your assignments by yourself, stop looking for people to copy from. Do your projects by yourself, write your term papers by yourself. Another important way to develop these skills is in thinking out personal projects and finding ways to solve them. If you are always looking for problems to solve, that thought alone will help you develop these skills.

You can listen to the podcast on the 10 skill using the link below

5. Personal Management

your ability to independently plan, organize, create and execute, rather than wait for someone to do, or always instruct you do to things. Many people don’t know they have to study ahead until a lecturer tells them to start reading for tests, some wait until they graduate before they start networking and strategizing for their future. That’s nonsense, you should know how to motivate, plan and execute your life, both in school and for your future.

How to develop this skill

Start by organizing your room, designing and sticking to a personal study timetable. Develop finishing skills from creating a to-do list and working diligently till you cross every task out. If you can continue in this way till you graduate all by yourself without supervision, they you are ready to be a good manager.

6. Inquiry skills

Ability to ask questions, this is a must learn for everybody – students or no student. Most of the assessments in school ask students for answers, we are rarely assessed on how well we can ask questions and demand answers in the right ways. But this skill is the most vital skill when it comes to negotiation and business development. Many of our students today find it difficult to approach people that will be of help to them because they don’t even know how to make demands of what they need.

How to develop Inquiry skill in school

Ask questions in class, be smart enough to ask for clarifications when in doubt. Don’t ashamed, be stupid enough to raise up your hands and as ask that stupid question about things burdening you.

7. Technology Skills

This is not a new thing, by now you should know the importance of using technology, both at the general level and in industry specific level. You must learn how to use programs and technologies needed in the field you want to excel in, simple and short. Besides the regular IT skills, you need to know the tools required in your area of specialties and learn them as fast as possible.

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8. Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the ability to create and form new patterns from existing concepts. If you can’t innovate in this technology world you are doomed, no matter your calling. You simply can’t survive this generation without creativity, you will lose out if you can innovate and create things and bring out new concepts.

How to develop your creativity and innovative ability in school 

The recipe to creativity and innovation is exposure. Get more exposure, that is how to develop your imagination and become more creative. Every form of creativity is anchored on imagination, and imagination is function of the things one has come contact with. You can imagine what a Ferrari is if you have not seen a picture of one. The more this you see, the more your mind can relate with – which in its self is the seat of innovations.

9. Soft Skills

In school Nobody will teach you soft skills like time management, organizational skills, listening skill, body language – ability to look someone in the eyes when taking to them, or using a firm handshake. You have to learn it for yourself. Every soft skills are learnable, just make a list of the soft skills needed in your calling and start implementing them on daily basis.

10. Empathy and Perspective

Ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, that is, the ability to understand other people’s feelings and make judgments correctly. This is the foundation for creating business and solving people’s problem. If you can understand people, you can’t understand the market.

How to learn this skill

Be concern about other student’s wellbeing. Get involve in other student’s life, be a good listener, observer and be selfless. Sharing with people’s tragedies and success is a good way to develop this skill. Thinking on, and listing to other student’s opinions and perspectives before making decision that can affect others.


The most important point to note here is the number one – your ability to learn for yourself. Every other skill listed above demands your personal responsibility if you must develop them. You really have to ready to self-educate yourself without supervision if you want to win in life.

That is it – the important skills every student’s should develop and how you can possibly develop them as a student. Make sure you share with other students and ensure you subscribe to get more updates on how to make school a rewarding venture. Go listen to the Insights4scholars Podcast, put your knowledge the work and be legendary!

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